Slot Car Rules

General Rules for all 1/32 classes unless otherwise stated:

$3 per Class entry fee

Spec GT Car/no magnet variation is legal in all classes for novice racers


1.     Cars should be stock with the following exceptions.

  • You may glue tires to rims and true the tires.  Slight beveling of the tires may be done, but not excessive rounding to purposely narrow the tires. Tires may not be hard coated.
  • Indy Grips, Maxxtrac, and Super Tires Silicone tires are now allowed in all classes. JelClaws are not.
  • You may put in any copper or aluminum braids.
  • You may trim wheel wells to insure proper tire clearance.  No grinding with intent to lighten body.
  • You may glue in magnet/weights or tape in magnet/weights. Magnets/weights must be inside the chassis.
  • Spacers may be used to prevent wheel slop.
  • Cars may be painted or decorated as you wish.
  • Cars with hinged chassis may have a small hole drilled in the body for adjusting the motor pod.
  • Chassis may not be modified unless expressed by that class.
  • All cars in the first class of the night do not need interiors, all cars in the second and third class of the night must have an interior unless noted in that class.
  1. Items which are strictly prohibited:
  • You may not add or alter any magnet unless defined in the rules for the class.
  • Motors and gears must be stock.  If the either is changed, it must be a direct replacement for the vehicle.
  • Tires must be direct factory or approved silicone.  No changing tires from one car to another.
  • No changing of wheels, axles, pickup, wiring, body, or gear ratios, unless otherwise noted for that class.
  • Wheels/tires must be within body unless stock on car.


1st Class of the Night Group:

No-Magnet S CLASS  (No Magnet Silver Can) 

  • Any standard 2wd full bodied car from Fly, Ninco, Scalextric, Monogram, Carrera, or SCX.  Must run stock white endbell silver can standard motor that comes with the car.  Only Ninco NC2’s can be run in Ninco cars, and car must have come with that motor originally. Any approved silicone tire is allowed to be trued to desired height.  You may add any amount of additional weight inside the body of the car.  Must be within the body.  Designed to be a slower no-magnet car setup class.


Silver Can 225 class.  

  • Any No-Magnet approved car with open or closed cockpit is allowed. Starting with the 2012/13 season, the Scalextric MG Lola is no longer an approved car in this class.  Car can be with or without full interior.  Any car with a suspension setup is prohibited.  Any car not originally equipped with one of the legal motors is prohibited.  Only stock white endbell silver can Scalextric, Fly Standard, or Ninco NC2 motors are allowed.
  • You may have up to 225 on the Magnet Marshall. Designed to be a driver’s class.

Spec GT Racing class

  • The Scalextric Ferrari F430 car with any body GT2 or plain F430 body, Audi R8 LMS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Aventador, the McLaren MP4-12C or P1.  You must run stock motor that comes with the car, or a direct OEM replacement.  All magnet/weight must be in front of the motor. Spec tire, MaxxTrac Tires #M21X or stock tire must be run.  You may only have 225 on the Magnet Marshall.  Designed to be a spec class where driving skills are more important than car setup.  As new cars are released that fit nearly the identical measurements as the original Ferrari 430 become available, they MAY be added to the class.

2nd Class of the Night Group:

No-Magnet 2 CLASS (No Magnet better cars) 

  • Any standard 2wd or 4wd full bodied car from Slot-It, Fly, Ninco, Scalextric, Monogram, Pro-Slot or SCX. Motor is limited up to a 20,000 RPM motor from Fly, Ninco, Scalextric, Monogram, SCX, or Slot-it.  Any approved silicone tire is allowed to be trued to desired height.  You may add any amount of additional weight inside the body of the car.  Designed to be a car setup class.   Fly Racing Cars, Ninco special edition no magnet cars or any cars of this type are prohibited.  Any Aluminum rear wheel is allowed.  Any gear and rear axle change is allowed.  Stock gear ratio must be retained.


Magnet 250 Limited class.

  • Any open or closed cockpit full bodied car with full interior from Slot-It, Fly, Ninco, Scalextric, Monogram, Pro-Slot or SCX.  Fly “Racing” series cars are prohibited.  Any Fly, Ninco, Scalextric, SCX or Monogram, or Slot-It motor that turns no more than 21,500 RPM is allowed.  Any Aluminum rear wheel is allowed. Any gear and rear axle change is allowed.  You may have up to 250 on the Magnet Marshall.  Any approved tire or Slot-It tire may be used.  Gear ratio may be changed.

No-Magnet Unlimited CLASS 

  • Any 2wd or 4wd full bodied car with a plastic chassis may be run. This includes NSR, Slot-it, and other high performance commercially available car.  Fly Racing bodies are allowed as are any gears.  Any approved tire is allowed as are NSR tires, and may be trued to desired height.  Aluminum rims are allowed on any cars in this class.  You may add any amount of additional weight inside the body of the car.  Designed to be a fast class.


Vintage Trans Am

  • Any late 60’s to early 70’s Trans Am car that ran in the Trans Am racing series. Must be stock, or direct replacement Silver Can motor.  All other parts on the car including rims, axles, gears, interior, wiring, and pickup must remain stock.  You may have up to 237 on the Magnet Marshall.  All stock parts must be retained.  Shimming of axles is allowed.






All rules will be enforced by Race Steward.

General Rules for racing:

  1. You must be courteous to all other drivers, spectators, and employees.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the premises.
  2. The Hobby Shop Raceway will supply you with a controller.  You may run a Professor motor 1/32 controller #2121 or 2117 , or Parma single barrel controller. You will be responsible for ensuring that it plugs into our track system.
  3. You must be on time to your Turn Marshall Post.  We will not wait to start a race for you, and penalties will be imposed as noted in the “Turn Marshalling” section.
  4. You must be on time to the starting grid for your race.  We will start without you, and you will not be allowed to make up that race.
  5. You must be signed up, and have your race fees paid prior to the first qualifying run.  We may not be able to accept any late entries.  If you are going to be late, feel free to call ahead, and we will place your name in the appropriate class areas.  We will not wait to start races for you, but you will get to race that evening.  You must pay your race fees prior to running your first qualifier.

 Qualifying and assignment to a Main.

  1. You will run in each lane as with a group of 4 racers in that class.  Each lane has a color, and you will be assigned a starting lane color on your qualifying run.  The next time you run, you will go up one lane.  Thus, if you started your first run in the red lane, your next run is in the yellow lane, and so on.
  2. The top 3 from each class will then run together in an “A Main” race.  The next 3 together and so on till all racers are placed in a main.  We start in the lowest main (slowest group of qualifiers), and the winner of that main moves up to race against the next fastest group of qualifiers.   So theoretically, the last place qualifying car can end up winning the “A-Main” race, and win the racing for the night.
  3. The top qualifier in the “A-Main” will have lane choice, with the second highest qualifier in that main receiving next choice, and so on.

Turn Marshalling:

  1. As cars routinely leave the track’s slots, there will be “Turn Marshalls” for each run.  After completing your qualifying or Main race, you will then be required to “Turn Marshall” for the next group of racers.  If you are unable to “Turn Marshall”, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
  2. As a lot of smaller children will be racing, we will have a minimum height requirement (48 inches) for “Turn Marshalling”.  As with amusement parks, this is for their own safety, as well as the safety of others.   If a child does not meet the minimum height requirement, it is the responsibility of the parent to find a suitable replacement.
  3. “Turn Marshalling” is such an important part of racing that we need to install a penalty for anyone failing to Marshall a race he/she has been assigned to.
  • 1st time is a warning, and 1 lap or 10 seconds removed from the best time.
  • 2nd time is elimination from that class of racing for the day/evening.
  1. As a Marshall, it is your responsibility to get the cars on the track quickly, and on the correct track.
  2. Failure to consistently Marshall correctly will result in elimination from a class.
  3. Remember, the car you Marshall this round, may be the person who Marshall’s you in the Mains.  So do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

 What if you feel someone is violating the rules:

  1. Inform the Race Marshall.  They will then “Tech” the potentially offending car.  If that car is found to be within the rules, you owe the accused racer $1 and an apology.  If the car is found to be violating the rules, that person will be disqualified, and may be expelled from racing for a period of 3 weeks. Race Marshalls may at any time inspect any car they believe is not following any rule.
  2. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, don’t ruin it by cheating!