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    Race Day Saturday!!! Now that we have the free test race day completed, this will be a regular race day. For those that helped with the track build, you can use this Saturday, as your free race day. If you can’t make this weekend, let me know later on I owe you a free race day.
    Reminder we are planning on a NOON start time. With that being said, I will be at Isaac’s baseball game at that time, and Cody will be running the program. Since he is new at it, please cut him a break if it doesn’t get started right on time. If you are not signed up by 11:40, you will miss the first round no matter what as he will not be able to add anyone in once the round has started. So, please sign up as early as you can. I will be here till around 10:40 doing signups. The more we can get signed up early, the better the day will go.
    Also, have your transponder number with you to verify once he posts the heat sheets.
    If Cody runs into an issue that he can not solve, and the program does not get started, I will be back at the track by around 1:30 and we’ll be forced to push back the start time a little.
    Let’s go have some fun!!!!

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